Thursday, 29 September 2011

Your European Correspondent Speaks

Asked if Greece would stay in the Euro if it defaulted, president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, said; "Greece is, and Greece will remain, a member of the euro area."

When a politician say something like than, you can bet your bottom dollar that the opposite will happen. If you can't believe economists (and you can't), then you certainly can't believe politicians pretending to have a grasp of economics.

Apparently Miliband has said; 'I don't give a damn' about weirdo jibes." That's deeply weird!

I'm hoping the turn up for the weather will last into the 2nd weekend in October and that the sun will shine on my elder daughter's wedding in Accrington. I'm looking forward to decades of simmering resentment among relatives of the bride and groom being resolved through the traditional drink-fuelled fight.

Weddings are fast descending into tack-fests and displays of Americana as so-called traditions from across the pond manifest themselves in the UK. Weddings used to be understated; now it seems to be all about outward display and ostentation, and families get trapped into spending far too much on them.

Wedding favours (or rather 'favors')! What the hell are they all about?


  1. Fortunately for us, our daughter side-stepped the BIG wedding when she tied the knot 6 years ago. The whole shooting match came in at around £1,800. It cost us more, to send them off on the Oceana for their honeymoon!

  2. Martin:: I made my daughter expect nothing from me due to the house build, inducing her and her intended to save (she is 34, after all, and they've been planning it for over 2 years), but delighted her 2 months before the wedding by giving her a £1,000 contribution.

  3. I assume the lass is marrying someone called Stanley (American readers won't understand that joke, but what the hell - he's a European correspondent and not an American one)

  4. I think a wedding favour is when the bride doesn't turn up... ;)