Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Call me stupid, or call me old fashioned, but I do happen to think that if the economy of the West goes to hell in a handcart over the Greek affair (and the ensuing Portugese, Italian and Spanish affairs), then someone, somewhere - probably called Tristram, Cosimo or Warren - is going to make shed-loads of money out of it, which doesn't seem quite right somehow. Think I'll take my stash out of the bank for the duration.

When Ed Miliband gave his speech to the Labour Party Conference yesterday, he sounded as sincere as .... well, a politician. He appears to have the charisma of a traveller site.


  1. Oh, I don't know, I suspect some travellers are more charismatic, and certainly more convincing. Poor Ed, just holding the fort.

  2. But what we are forgetting is that Ed gave his speech and the FTSE went up by 4%. Now if that was a Tory leader the Mail would be leading on it, and it has just the same statistical significance as most of their articles.

  3. Alan: Not sure of the effect being due to that particular cause. If it were, then perhaps I can sell insincerity futures.