Monday, 12 September 2011

Over the Top

Had a day out at the Ludlow Food Festival yesterday.

Spotted these very swish BBQ devices, the largest of which is an eye watering £1,300.

Personally, I'd rather use one of these Army dustbins, which the Army Catering Corp were exhibiting and were used in the Crimea.


  1. From the look of them (and their contents) they look like early examples of weapons of mass destruction.

  2. Didn't 80% of soldiers who died in the Crimea die from infection? I guess mixing up the word "dustbin" with "cooking pot" would do that to an army ... ;)

  3. Yet another example of the world gone wonky - a hunk of metal to burn one's food and/or produce carcinogens costing such a ridiculous sum of money...