Saturday, 24 September 2011

Palestinian Satellite Love at 50MPH

Can someone please tell me how the Palestinians can declare themselves a state within the UN when their borders aren't even clearly defined and agreed?

It is said that when looking for wives, men are seeking to re-establish the unconditional love of their mothers. The love of a dog is unconditional; is that perhaps why men like dogs?

Don't you just hate lorry drivers on dual carriageways who insist on overtaking other lorries doing 50MPH by moving into the outside lane and doing 51MPH, only to drop back again after about 5 minutes when a slight incline is reached? Bastards!

You know this satellite that's meant to be hurtling to earth on a high impact trajectory? They say there's a 1 in 3,000 chance of being hit by it. Does that mean that someone from Chipping Sodbury (which contains more than 3,000 inhabitants) is guaranteed to be hit? Can't say I like the odds.

Been playing with an app on my phone that generates QR barcodes. Managed to generate one with my contact details and have appended it to my work email signature - you can scan it with your Android (or iPhone) barcode scanner and it puts the contact details into you phone (even from a computer screen) with 100% accuracy. I'm going to see about getting these QR codes put on my business cards.

Some smartphone barcode readers will even show the address on a map for ease of navigation. Brilliant!


  1. I think the term 'unconditional love' might be lost on some mothers.

    In a previous incarnation, I was that lorry driver. After miles of motorway, switching lanes, even for a futile overtaking manoeuvre, alleviates the boredom a little. As a car driver, I get as exasperated as you, though.

  2. I think the Palestinians are using the 1967 borders as they were defined.

    My Dad used to have a VW van - he would pull out to pass a truck and go backwards because of the 'pull along' effect behind the truck.

  3. Barcode works well - have you really lost four teeth and have two library books overdue?

  4. Lee - regarding the borders. That's my point; that border is disputed.