Thursday, 1 September 2011

Google Advice on Lentils

Yesterday Google told me I was in another country and asked if I wanted to change my location. Naturally I said yes, and since then I've been plagued with Google searches producing results in Hebrew and the screen being oriented left to right. That's the last time I accept any advice from Google.

I was reminded yesterday why I have never eaten puy lentils since the first time I tried them. They were on offer in the works canteen, which has a wonderful salad bar, and I was overcome with an irrational urge to try them again. It's like eating cardboard - I can't see their point.

I was told yesterday that they're confirming me as MD of the European sales region today. My six months probation was reduced to 4 months, so I must be doing something right.

Next time I travel I'm going to spend more time selecting clothes for the trip - I spent yesterday in agony from having to wear trousers that were a size too small around the waist and I had neglected to take to the charity shop.


  1. Tight trousers eh? Sure it wasn't the lentils?

  2. Sudden urges for pulses and ill-fitting trousers, should we start calling you "Mr Bean"?

    Congrats on the appointment.

  3. Congratulations - indeed you must be doing something right. I'm with Martin - you should try those trousers again on a non-lentil day!