Friday, 16 September 2011

Password Protection Racket on Dale Farm

If you think your neighbours are using your domestic Wi-Fi internet connection and can't be bothered to protect it with a password (it can be a tedious procedure), simply rename it "Police Surveillance Van No.5". That should get them off it.

It might attract a few hackers though.

Dale Farm. Heard of it? It's an illegal traveller site in Basildon and these so-called 'travellers' have been fighting a 10 year battle with the local council to remain on the site, much to the chagrin of the locals, who consider them vermin. Human rights organisations and what-have-you are involved, claiming the travellers are being victimised.

Now I heard one of these 'travellers' being asked why she didn't simply move to a house, like normal people. She replied that she would never give up the travelling lifestyle.

I'm sorry, but if these people have been in the same location for 10 years, logic dictates that they haven't actually travelled during that time, nor do they intend to ever again, else why fight for the right to stay. I don't think I have ever lived that long in one location - does that make me a traveller?

These people are not travellers, but simply illegal squatters who happen to live in caravans. It's called having your cake and eating it, I believe.

Went to get some Euros from the bank yesterday and was horrified at the exchange rate. Can someone tell me why, when the Euro is holed more than the Graf Spee, we have an exchange rate of 1:1? The currency should surely be on the Monopoly value scale?


  1. A quick inspection with Google Earth would seem to suggest the site is mostly bungalows with a few caravans parked in front gardens.

    Their argument is an empty one as I don't think the locals want to stop these people "travelling" at all, in fact I think they positively encourage it.

  2. A touchy subject. Two points I don't understand. They own the land... But they are travellers. Why don't they move off it and return at a later date. If in the last ten years they had kept on the moving off and on after every few months no one would have said anything. I can understand the council's point of view too, anyone could build anyone knowing no one could say or do anything and every so called traveller would set up camp on all our doorsteps

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