Friday, 30 September 2011

Snowdon - The Next Generation

Another car has been found in my parking spot atop Snowdon.

Was watching one of the old episodes of Star Trek (Next Generation) last night. It always amuses me that the Enterprise can accelerate from 0 to several times light-speed in a fraction of a second (meaning they have some form of inertial countermeasure), yet whenever they're hit by something, like a photon torpedo) everyone is shaken to bits.


  1. CB, that's because it's not the enterprise accelerating, it's space being "warped" around it... much like the sense of humour of certain Vauxhall Frontera drivers in Wales it seems.

  2. It looks as if its the same car. How the heck do they get down the mountain after they have dumped it there? Not your normal couch-potato hoodlums.

  3. Train. There's a mountain railway. With a positron drive.