Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Coming Along Nicely

Warning: the following contains scenes of a sexual nature, drug use and some violence.

Status as of yesterday evening.

The main doors and windows go in on the other side today (identical to the back). The rest of the green oak cladding is in the process of being ordered.

Downstairs in the central section is one huge feasting hall with a spiral staircase to upstairs; upstairs is one very large master bedroom, with a minstrel gallery at either end; left wing is kitchen (open to feasting hall) and separate utility room (for under-floor heating manifold and water tank); right wing is No.1 son's bedroom (was office, before he came to live with us).

Not the most economical use of space in terms of the number of rooms, but it's what we want - lots of open space and light, eco-friendly and self-sustaining.

Give the drought, we're thinking of making a lake around where the photo was taken. The ground is clay, thus it's entirely feasible.

One addition will be a separate cabin-office which can double as guest accommodation. but that will come much later.

Still haven't got a name for it. Any suggestions?