Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Overheard Monopoly on Bad Taste While Growing a Tamponade

Overheard while watching "How to Grow a Planet"

Presenter: ".... our earliest ancestors, the monkeys."

No.1 Son: "Dad, do you believe in evolution?"

Chairman: "Certainly."

No. 1 Son: "Does that mean you're closer to being a monkey than me?"

Chairman: "Hmmmph..."

Overheard while watching Holby (a UK clinical drama).

Doctor Actor: "It's a cardiac tamponade!"

Chairman: "What's that?"

Hay: "It's a,,,..."

Chairman: "Condiment made from olives and ox heart?"

Ever noticed that when Arab potentates are seen schmoozing foreign diplomats, the furniture on which they sit and surrounds them appears to have been designed by someone with execrable taste? All glitzy and covered in white and gold brocade, with wood that can only be direct from a rather hideous repro furniture catalogue or the set of The Only Way is Essex.


  1. ".... our earliest ancestors, the monkeys" - what, the monkeys generated straight out of the chemical soup? That's gonna be news to the shrew-like creatures and lung fish.

  2. The presenter may have have used the word "closest". I wasn't paying attention.

  3. All that MDF and gilding, it's not right, is it?
    Keeps the repro industry in business though. I found this for you. Some people obviously like it!!

  4. SB: as frequented by Arab potentates and footballers...

  5. The tamponade was not as bad as I feared...

  6. I always thought that a cardiac tamponade was a musical instrument where the sound was made by rhythmically tugging on heart strings.

  7. watching a TV ( yes a real one) tonight and a segment about an orangutang ( hope that is smelled correctly) getting a peanut out of a vertical tube.. it was all about how intelligent they are... I looked at it and said.. put water in the tube and it will float...

    The then set the test for the visitors to the center and no one could do it. so they put the beast into the fray and guess what, It took its drinking water and floated the nut to the top and ate it..

    Kim simply said' proves your as intelligent as an orangutang ! i hate it when she does that !