Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Guns 'n' Hacking @ the Oscars

I hear GNR are to tour the UK. I guess that'll be another round of late appearances and no-shows then.

What's all this about Oscars being presented at Holyrood? Well, after the way Bravehart mangled history, I guess anything is possible.

£600k for Charlotte Church; rather a lot for someone accessing your voice-mail. Wish some bugger had hacked my phone.

Spotted the Sun on Sunday when collecting my Sunday paper at the newsagent. The headline was something like Amanda Holden: "My heart stopped for 40 seconds". Not long enough by far, if you ask me. 


All windows now in. They're plaster boarding the interior now.  Exterior oak cladding ordered.


  1. Groovy! Are you going to install a water feature? You'll need somewhere to drown itinerant cats at least ;)

  2. Steve: Possibly a small lake up the field.

  3. Made me chortle there about Amanda Holden - You are naughty!