Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Oak Cladding in Memory Lane

The burning question of the day is will Abu Qatada will actually get the England manager's job?

The builders managed to get the first lot of oak cladding applied to the gable ends of the house yesterday.

The extra addition under construction on the left is a late plan change to cater for the gubbins required to house the tank and manifold for the under floor heating. Without it, the kitchen space would have been seriously compromised.

This aspect also shows the solar PV panels on the south-facing roof and the two solar thermal ones on the east-facing roof of the kitchen (the latter replicated on the west roof).

All being well, the windows and doors go in at the end of the week and it will start to look more like a house than a derelict shopping centre.

Went on a walk down Memory Lane yesterday in London - or more precisely, the area around Minories and Tower Hill. Went to see a customer in Mint Court (where the old mint used to be), but wondered what the hell they were doing to the Tower of London.

Walked past the building where I used to work some 20-30 years ago - it's now all owned by a Danish company called Maersk, which now owns almost the entire maritime world.

Just up the road was the Castle pub, where I and my friends used to repair after work for a wee libation. The landlord was none other than Frank Mahoney, the boxing manager - before he went into boxing management.


  1. Good gracious - it looks like a church. Is this what the cult of Chairman Bill had come to?

  2. Church of the Latter Day Chairman!