Sunday, 12 February 2012

Unholy Stink Like a Polecat

Former Archbishop of Cadbury, Lord Carey, has said the Christian faith is facing "gradual marginalisation". He was referring to the court ruling that prayers as part of the official agenda of a council meeting are unlawful.

I'm not surprised Christianity is becoming marginalised, what with their internal squabbles over gender equality, sexuality, transubstantiation, evolution, heliocentrism, etc. - questions that secularists settled without recourse to the supernatural or tradition. If you ask me, Christians are marginalising themselves; they are becoming a small and very vocal  anachronism, wanting to drag everyone kicking and screaming into the 17th century.

Kitty killed a stoat yesterday (or a weasel - can't tell the difference) and decided to bring it into the caravan as a present. Not sure if you've ever had a whiff of a stoat - they stink to high heaven. Kitty had managed to get some of the stink onto her. 


  1. Rid your self of the vermin mate.. kill the cat !

  2. From the good old BBC "Although they look similar to stoats, one way to tell the difference is that weasels don't have a black tip to the tail."
    There you are. That'll be an extra £1 on your TV licence, please!