Thursday, 16 February 2012

Overheard While Objectifying Tiny State Exercise

The Queen has been defending the state religion. Looking at the map of countries that actually have a state religion, it would seem we're in a pretty select bunch - most of them being theocracies. A bit anachronistic, to say the least.

17 frustrated harridans with faces like slapped arses have complained that a Ryanair advert objectifies women, resulting in the ads being banned. Wimmin, eh?

Meanwhile, researchers in Madagascar have discovered a tiny chameleon.

It is thought this little blighter was inexplicably incinerated shortly after the photo was taken.

You know how the politicos seem keen to import American solutions to binge drinking - like drunk tanks? You mark my words, Cameron et al will not rest until prohibition is enacted in the UK.

Overheard in the Caravan

Hay: "I think I should do some pilates."

Chairman: "Ain't  that the chap who sent Jesus to the cross? Ever thought of tai-chi?"

Hay: "Nah - don't like Chinese food."


  1. Can you use a drunk tank to take you from pub to pub in unsavoury urban areas?

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