Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bits 'n' Bobs

Ordered the cooker, wood burner, oak flooring and kitchen for the house yesterday.

There seems to be a helluva not of wasted space on the left-hand side of the electric cooker when you consider that only the two door on the right are ovens. The bottom left door gives access to the controls and heaven only known what's behind the upper left quadrant. Added to that it takes the space of two normal cookers and has only 2 induction hobs on the top.

We're augmenting the cooker with a separate, 2-ring gas hob running off LPG as a backup. Similarly, the wood burner is only a back-up to the under-floor heating.

Drains were being laid on Friday and we had to disconnect the waste pipes from the caravan while they did it; however, the builders couldn't complete the job and thus we can't pull the plug on the sink, have a shower or use the toilet till tomorrow.

We have to install a different type of wood floor downstairs due to the under-floor heating - got to use engineered oak, which basically is an oak veneer on a plywood base to strengthen it against warping. Under-floor heating can play havoc with solid oak, so that's reserved for upstairs.

The kitchen maker gave us the colour chart the other day - Farrow & Ball, no less. Apparently he makes stuff for the Prince of Wales' Highgrove shops, which came as a bit of a shock - thought he was just a small artisan kitchen maker.

I think Hay is opting for the National Trust olive green that's popular at present. I always think it's a mistake to go for fashionable colours - remember all those pampas and  avocado bathroom suites that had to be taken out and dumped in the 90s?


  1. Yep, you can't go wrong with Black.

    Nice-looking Stove. You'll be generating plenty of environmentally-friendly, efficient and yet simultaneously homely and traditional heat with that. They're brilliant things.

    1. Ah - but the wood burner we will have delivered will be gunmetal, to match the spiral staircase.

    2. Are you planning to have a table loaded with food in front of the staircase? And does it go up to the chamber?