Monday, 4 June 2012

Britannia Rules - OK

Someone made an ill-advised remark yesterday during the Queen's Thames pageant. He was talking about a sailing vessel owned by the Jubilee Sailing Trust that had been converted to be crewed by the disabled. He had just mentioned that some of the crew are partially sighted, which for him was an "eye opener".

I happened to land on Mrs Queen's Twitter feeds yesterday. Apparently she was somewhat horrified to discover that the replacement for HMY Britannia is some ghastly, red tug. She Tweeted: "When one has half a dozen Admirals in one's family, one would think they could get one something better than a bloody coal barge. It's simply horribilis..... Philip!"

Actually, with several Admirals aboard, I was really surprised the barge didn't crash into the pier of one of the bridges.

Wasn't Mrs Queen a trouper? 86 and she stood throughout the entire, mind-numbingly, interminable thing. Phil The Greek too - 91 in a few days. At 86 my mum was totally doo-lally. You can't help but love Philip - he should be declared a national treasure. They should have their own TV show - Meet the Windsors. Actually, they should have their own country, never mind about a TV show.

It's good to have a rallying point in times of trouble and Elizabeth the Great was certainly that yesterday. I wonder if she'll make it to her Platinum Jubilee?


  1. It was a jolly old day yesterday... but I too was most impressed by the standing and the strong bladders.
    Hope I'm that sturdy when I'm in my eighties.

  2. Just as Scarlet said we too were impressed by the right royal couple... we wondered if Philip was asking Queen at one point as he kept wandering about 'If there was a royal throne onboard?'

  3. The other Lizzie4 June 2012 at 15:30

    I'm glad too, that Liz and Phil never sat on the stupid Hollywood/Beckham style thrones provided... they probably would have welcomed a couple of those shelf things they put at bus-stops to prop yourself on.
    What happened to the Doggetts Coat and Badge men??? Anyone know?