Friday, 22 June 2012

Jimmy's Lighbulb Tax

What's all this rot about Jimmy Carr and his tax?

I hear he pays something like 1%, and assuming he earns a (conservative) million quid a year, then he pays for a couple of married pensioners (assuming, of course, they're not Mrs Queen and Prince Philip).

As I see it, Jimmy is putting the money he doesn't pay in tax into his bank account, from where it's lent to people to buy houses or invest in their businesses. What is the government doing right now? Putting tax money into banks so they can lend it to people to buy houses or invest in their businesses. Cut out the government middleman, I say!

Rather than moaning about Jimmy's entirely legal means of avoiding having to pay tax, perhaps politicians should be more worried about a system which they oversee and allows him to do this entirely legal thing. You'd have to be mad to pay more tax than you need to.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who never pay any tax at all - they're the feckless, able-bodied bastards who have never worked a single day in their miserable lives. They upset me far more than Jimmy Carr and his tax affairs.

Anyone know where I can buy some illegal, old-style lightbulbs? I'm heartily pissed off with these new-fangled, energy-saving ones. They dim after no time at all and you can't dispose of the bloody things without a radiation suit on - and no-one will take them anyway. 

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  1. I always thought tax matters were supposed to be private, apparently they can be broadcast to the entire nation if the media and a politician feels like it.