Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Remember the days when Ribena tasted nice?

Called in at a service station yesterday on the A30 for a cold drink and had a Ribena - never tasted anything so sickly-sweet in my life. Had to buy a bottle of water to get rid of the taste and quench my thirst.

The label says 'no added sugar'; I'm not surprised - it's loaded with aspartame (along with a myriad other chemicals).

Filthy stuff! Totally destroyed the image I'd retained of Ribena from my youth.

The bottle even says it's not suitable for children under 3. In that case, it's not suitable for anyone, as babies are humans too (just).

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  1. The relentless "Americanisation" of our tastes, same thing happened to wine over the 90/00s, sickly sweet and 15%+ alcohol; fortunately there's a bit of a backlash going on, sounds like soft drinks need the same.