Saturday, 2 June 2012


Apparently Facebook went off-line for a couple of hours, leaving many totally bereft of the virtual acquaintances they've never met and yet still insist on calling 'friends'. 

I also heard that is to be renamed after Martin Lewis, the bloke who started it in 2003, sold out to for £87m. What a bastard! Wish I'd thought of the idea before him....

Must be awful being the Queen with all those houses and flunkies; I should think it's a bit like permanently living in a chain of high class hotels.

While I'm not particularly a great fan of the concept of monarchy, I have to admit Mrs Queen has done a fantastic job of being the top privileged person within a pyramid of privileged people. Democratically elected leaders may come and go, but wielding no real power she remains, providing a focus for the national psyche - well, for the WASPs anyway.

Monarchy is all well and good while you have a decent one, but should be country inherit a bad one, then that's when the concept collapses and you have to start initiating revolutions, cutting off royal heads and it generally gets rather messy.

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