Friday, 30 November 2012

Vilifying Leveson - Woof

Was watching Rolf Harris' Animal Clinic thing on TV last night. There was a Yorkshire Terrier with a tumour and and it must have cost his owner a small fortune in radiation treatment to have it zapped and add no more than 6 months to its life. An hour and a half on gas mark 6 with an onion up its bum would have sorted it much more economically, and afforded a nice meal for four afterwards too. I detest Yorkies (or rather their owners) - they're not so much pets as surrogate children.

I wonder which national daily will be printing salacious details from Lord Leveon's lurid past? The Daily Mail is already calling him Old Liverspot. Will they never learn? The piece was written by one Quentin Letts, who is a member of the suspiciously named Savile Club....

Yes, the innocent do have recourse to legal means to prosecute newspapers for defamatory stories, but not everyone has the cash reserves that newspapers have to fight a protracted battle. Using the law is a war of attrition, with money as the arsenal.

In the years of the Press Complaints Committee's existence till 2009, it had received over 24,000 complaints. 90% were rejected on technical grounds without even being investigated; 1,000 were rejected due to not being filed in time; 2,000 were rejected due to being made by 3rd parties; 7,000 complaints were deemed outside their remit.

In all, the PCC has actually investigated 2,770. 2,322 were resolved (according to the PCC) by the news organ printing a hasty retraction before an adjudication (and we all know how small they are). Only 448 complaints  resulted in an adjudication by the PCC, half of which were rejected. Only 197, or 0.69%, were upheld. (Source - Flat Earth News) Not a very good record - and the Daily Mail (unsurprisingly) is the worst offender.

I wonder when St Noel Edmonds will fall foul of the dailies for some past indisctetion?


  1. I find your statement "I do detest Yorkies" somewhat offensive and my good lady wife thinks the same about the parenthesis "or rather their owners". As your outpourings resemble a newspaper, I will be seeking legal recourse via the channels being established by the noble Lord L.