Wednesday, 7 September 2016

2nd Referendum in Torched Epsom

Fizzy water - what's that all about? Tastes like Andrews. Can't see how people stomach the stuff.

Spotted an advert on Facebook the other day for an item called a tactical flashlight. Is that different from a strategic flashlight? Advertisers obviously have an unhealthy disregard for the English language.

My answer to those Brexiteers saying; "You lost, get over it." If you buy a car from a car showroom and the salesman has been proven to have lied about the mileage, or some other aspect, do you just accept it or demand to return it? 

What are those denouncing a 2nd referendum afraid of - losing? On the way to Heathrow on Monday I listened to an interview with people from Newcastle about why they voted for Brexit and it was plain that the narrative of lies had been accepted by them, hook line and sinker, as truths. The £350m a week figure was trotted out, along with them (allegedly) personally knowing people who had lost their jobs due to foreigners coming over here and doing them for minimum wage. If you're an employee you can't be sacked because someone else will do the job for less - it's called constructive dismissal. The only way that can happen is if you're a self-employed tradesman and a competitor offers a lower price. We used to call that competition.

Here's the parliamentary subcommittee debate on the 2nd referendum.

An important issue was mentioned; that if truths were not delivered to the electorate then that was the fault of the respective campaigns. However, most people in the UK are not interested in watching debates and their political view is heavily influenced by whichever daily rag they read. The singular failure within the referendum was the failure of the media to report accurately. The printed media has the greatest control of the electorate and somehow needs holding to account for perpetuating lies. The danger here is one of censorship, but newspapers have nonetheless brought this on themselves. The media like to say they  merely reflect the opinions of their readership - I  believe they inform opinion more than reflect it.

Having watched the debate I'm gradually coming to the conclusion that the result must be accepted. Daft decisions are made in general elections and we don't seek to overturn them unless there was evidence of fraudulent voting. Sow the wind and you reap the whirlwind - I just hope the whirlwind falls solely on those who voted to leave, but it won't, it will hit us all as attention and scarce resources are diverted away from areas in genuine need of attention.

Spotted some work going on at the weekend in Chipping Sodbury High Street. I jokingly asked one of the workmen if it was part of the work for the Chipping Sodbury underground system. He looked at me as if I was a lunatic.

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