Sunday, 11 September 2016

Random Shots

Been far too busy clearing up after the wedding to think of anything to write, so today's post is just a random snapshot from the wedding (not the professional photos):

Hay and self.

No.1 Son, Jan, with neighbour.

My elder brother, Jan, with my son in-law, Graeme.

My neice, Holly, and my daughter, Charlotte.

Rather hazy photo of self and my brother, Jan.

No.2 Son, Bruno.

Pater Familias with No.2 Son, Hay, Me, No.1 Daughter, No.1 Son and Son in-law.

Hay with her dad, Brian, sister, Michelle, and dad's partner, Barbara.

Hay leading the rowing song on the disco floor.

A table comprised mainly of Chairman neices and a No.2 Son. 

The Chairman, way-laid by "Pippa".

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