Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Eating Out

Hay referred to an eating establishment we know of as having gone 'up-hill', which I thought rather amusing and yet apt.

We were in an Italian restaurant in Bigbury, Devon, last night and there was a woman with a screaming child. Time was when if you had children your life changed, but these days a lot of mothers refuse to change their lifestyle at the expense of others. A screaming kid in a supermarket is one thing (you have to do your shopping), but a screaming kid in a restaurant is plain inconsiderate.

While on the subject of kids - what's the point of a birthday party for a 1 year-old? The kid hasn't a clue what's going on, after all.

Going back to the Italian restaurant - it's called the Pickwick Inn, a name which must have been invented in the latter quarter of the last century and isn't very Italian. Added to that there are no Italians within the management or the staff - but it was delicious Italian food nonetheless. Pleasant decor too. When you think of it, you cook Italian food at home and don't call yourself Italian, and Jamie Wossisface certainly isn't Italian.

I always find it amusing to be in a restaurant when you get those long-married couples who don't look at each other or say a word to each other during the entire meal. There were two of those couples in the restaurant last night. When Hay and I go to a restaurant it's just one long conversation - in fact, our life is one long conversation and we can't stop talking to each other.


  1. Bigbury, sand, 1d arcade and the Terrapin to the island. Up-Hill indeed !

  2. I've been to Bigbury - ah' years ago can't remember when; near Plymuff aint it.
    Good to see that you are splashing out on yer new missus surprised you went to a caff - wot's wrong with sitting on the sand with fish and chips out of the bag ? :-)

    1. They don't seem to do fish & chips here - it's all gastro pubs. There's even a gastro bus with high quality street food.