Thursday, 22 September 2016

Speedy Boarding Cabin Update

A quick update on the 2nd cabin:

I wish we could connect it to our house for electricity, but it would put too much load on the house and so a separate supply has been ordered. The exterior should be finished very shortly and then work will begin on the interior. Hopeful for an end of October or early November finish.

Was in Glasgow yesterday for a business meeting - went Easyjet. Speedy Boarding - you get on the bus first and get told to sit at the back, but when you get to the plane they open the front doors first!

Green tea - what's the point? Might as well pour hot water on some privet hedge clippings.


  1. Ah, but green tea, unlike your privet tea, won't have you beelining for the heads exploding north and south!

  2. The only point about green tea is to convince SEA customers you care. This in the full knowledge of course that you will be washing it down with whisky and beer later