Thursday, 8 September 2016

Be Like Wulf

This is Wulf. Note Wulf's plaited beard. Wulf is one of our German salesmen. Wulf is fed up with the quips about him needing to get a starring role in Amazon's Vikings.

Wulf thinks having Viking tattoos is OK if you work in a bar, on the docks or in the music business, but not if you're a salesman.

Be like Wulf.

This looks like bar furniture made of pallets. On closer inspection it's bar furniture made to look like it's made of pallets.

Don't be like something made out of something, but made of something else...

Big day tomorrow.


  1. I'm sure that we all wish you both well and that you have a splendid day on the morrow.

  2. All my best wishes for tomorrow to you and your new wife.