Monday, 12 September 2016

LANs & WANs & Colin

The Wi-Fi in the cabin that's currently rented out went down last week, just before I left for Germany. Had a quick fiddle in the few hours remaining before I had to leave for Heathrow, but I was totally flummoxed. Had to call in the local IT man while I was away and he diagnosed a failed extender, as well as a server that's about to swamp my home network. He managed to sort it out temporarily and I ordered a new extender.

Fitted the new extended yesterday morning, but it took me a couple of hours for what should only be a 10 minute job. This technology really confuses me and I managed to get a Wi-Fi connection purely by good luck, rather than through any knowledge of what I was doing. 

Anyway, I wanted to relocate the extender to a better position and did so, having to disconnect the cables in the process. Naturally the Internet connection didn't return when I reassembled the cables in the order in which I thought I'd plugged them in initially. Spent another hour buggering about before realising I had a cable in the wrong socket - again, deduced by trial and error.

Time was when you could just plug something in and it worked. Nowadays you have to be a bloody expert in communications protocols. The instructions don't exactly illuminate you one iota either. I'm going to have to pay for Colin to go on an IT networking course so he can functions as our tame IT consultant as well as our personal builder.

Colin excelled on the dance floor at the wedding party on Friday with his dance moves - and he was 50 yesterday. He certainly put all the dad dancers to shame.

There were only two bad decisions in the wedding format:

  1. Having a top table comprising 10 people - getting to the food passed along the line was difficult and conversation was impaired by only having those next to you to chat to. We should have allowed the top table crowd to sit where they wanted on the square tables.
  2. Not having fully checked out the DJ - he was too old and didn't understand the dynamics of a dance crowd. No sooner than he was playing something that got the guests dancing, he'd slow it down again with the next tune and they'd all return to their seats. Hay thinks she should have given him a play list or found a DJ who a good decade or two younger.

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