Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Bake-Off Holiday Accommodation

Hottest September day for donkey's years? Not in South Devon it wasn't! Hopefully we'll have a bit more sun today and manage to kayak down the Avon (one of the many River Avons).

I wonder whether Bake-Off has sown the poppy seeds of its own demise; whether it has succumbed to too much Rich Man's Butter Cake; whether the Money Biscuits have taken over the bakery. Never watched it after the first series - these things are good fun first time round but then get formulaic, predictable, boring and no longer entertaining. However, I can understand why it's compulsive viewing to some. But to shift it to the channel that gave us Big Brother - surely a docker's doorstep too far?

Was looking at a TripAdvisor review of a pub just down the road from where we're staying; it said; "The place was quiet and made me feel awkward by having to shush my 3 year-old all the time." Good! Another review stated the place doesn't favour children - we'll make a beeline for it tomorrow night then! Yet another castigated the place of not offering gluten-free food - excellent, no faddy weirdos (most people who believe they are gluten intolerant self-diagnose and haven't been anywhere near a physician for a real diagnosis).

We're staying for a  few days at a place called Offield's Farm (aka Bantham Cross Barns), comprising several farm outbuildings that have been converted into accommodation. Very nice too and good value - everything you could need is laid on, including some food. That said, wherever we stay we have a problem with lighting, always having to nick some sidelights from one of the bedrooms to position in the living room in order to make the lighting more homely. As a consequence we've decided to make up a bag at home with a couple of travelling table lamps in it - we'll just grab the bag before going on any future trips.

The nice thing about staying in holiday accommodation is that you can rummage about in all the drawers and cupboards without feeling the least but guilty.

There's a child gate at the top of the stairs, and while the fixings are there, the gate itself has been removed. I think I need to get the owner to reinstate the gate, as I nearly went arse over tit down the stairs in the dark on the first night, as I'm not used to bedroom curtains and at home I can see where I'm walking at night.

The previous guests had left their recycled bottles in a crate by the front door. Did a guest review on the basis of the empties. Veuve Clicquot, a half decent Argentinian Malbec, a few menial NZ whites, a Montino Rioja and a Gallo (the latter rather letting the side down; it's not so much a wine as granny pop).  There's obviously an Aldi in the neighbourhood.

Left my boys in charge of our house..... I pity anyone who tries to burgle it.

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