Sunday, 21 May 2017

£350m a Week Wedding Posy

I find it strange that not one single political party is mentioning the legendary £350m a week (£18.2bn a year) saving from the EU to fund their 'unfunded' manifesto. You'd think the Conservatives, at least, would use it - it was mainly one of their Brexit planks for The Great Leap Backwards. It's also strange no party has said how they will pay the EU divorce bill.

Could it be that the £350m a week was not only legendary, but mythical too? Surely not....

I frequently dip into Leave campaign sites on Facebook to see the comments Ultra Brexiteers make. The constant refrain is; "This isn't what our father and grandfathers fought for." The delicious irony is that my father and his generation fought against the very kind of people who vent their spiteful hatred on these Facebook groups. It's a funny old world.

I do resent being told to F-off back to my own country by bumpkins who can't even speak the Queen's English and have surnames with Danish, Norwegian, German, Norman or Huguenot roots - but I guess that's the fault of the EU and immigrants. The irony is that before the vote for The Great Leap Backwards I could have migrated to any country in the EU I wanted to - can't now. I'm here for good to plague them - and I enjoy it, as their arguments are facile, not that being shouty and offensive is an argument.

There's talk of weddings all over the news. What with 42% of marriages now ending in divorce, I can't see many fathers of the brides wanting to shell out £30k for a wedding anymore. With marriage becoming less popular, I'd say that a wedding planner or wedding caterer was not a good career choice these days either.

I sold something on eBay last week and was horrified to see I'd signed up to giving eBay 10% of my earnings. Not only that, but they charge 10% of the postage fee too. Bloody iniquitous. Think I'll use Gumtree in future.

Is that a posy of broccoli - or lettuce - being clutched in Trump's paw?


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