Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Overheard Party Political Broadcast

Overheard while choosing a TV programme to watch:

Chairman: "Shall we watch Orangutan Diaries?"

Hay: "I like tiny monkeys, but I'm not so keen on the great apes - the ones who are closest to humans."

Chairman: "You mean men?"

Hay: "Those are the ones..."

I  noticed Mrs May, during her election propaganda spiel on TV last night (not a word of which I believed), was subjected to vanity lighting. By that I mean a very bright light, full on her face, to hide any facial lines. It made her look decades younger, if a tad chalky and somewhat like a couple of eyes and a mouth poking out of a snowstorm.

People are getting all het up about the rhetoric on both sides of the Brexit negotiations, but it's a bit like the 24 hours before a ceasefire, when both sides try to grab as much territory as possible. There will be blood on the carpet and if Mrs May thinks we're going to come off better, then she has another think coming. This will be nasty, and we're in the weaker position as a supplicant.

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  1. Your observations are I believe correct Phil. In my mind it is a pity that Westminster did not fully engage with the EU all those years ago, rather than cherry picking the policies that suited them and if they had done so then their population would have been politically informed!