Saturday, 20 May 2017

Non-Food Students

Apparently the Tories are insisting on foreign students being included in the immigration figures, despite the fact less than 1% of the 300,000 here at any one time remain after they finish their studies.

Now, following Brexit student numbers are set to decline dramatically as a consequence of the UK no longer being in many internationally funded research programmes, meaning student numbers - aka immigrants - will plummet without the Tory government having to do a single thing. It strikes me the Tories want to claim an immigration success through artifice.

That said, foreign students aren't exactly a drain on the economy - their student fees are eye-watering compared to native students. I suppose universities could feasibly drop entry standards even further to attract more natives to make up for the lack of revenue.

It was Pudding Night for the Friends of Old Sodbury Church last night - they're focused on maintaining the fabric of the church (not all are religious) - and I was asked do make 24 portions of a pudding of my choice. I chose a brioche and butter pudding with a caramel sauce.

I purchased 8 packs of Lidl brioche (brioches?) on Thursday and was horrified when I saw the sell-by date - some 3 weeks hence! God knows what they do to ensure they don't spoil for that long - they can't be real food with that shelf-life.

Hay particularly liked the gin and tonic jelly...

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  1. It is not only student from abroad that we need to worry about. Many of the academic staff in the sciences and mathematics are also from abroad. If we were to lose that expertise then the quality of our teaching will decline and we won't attract the best students anyway. Is it not the case that EU students pay the same fees as the Brita but non EU students pay considerably more.

    There have been some disappointing announcements from Mrs May's party this week.