Friday, 12 May 2017

Nuisance Calls in the Compost Manifesto

Nuisance calls. We obviously have a landline, but we only have it by virtue of it coming with our broadband. We don't actually use it - in fact I don't know the number without looking it up on my phone. As a consequence, we never give the number to anyone and therefore any calls that come in on it can only be nuisance calls. I just pick it up when it rings and immediately put it down again. I don't even know why we bother to have a phone connected to the line. Habit, I guess.

We recycle all our vegetable waste into compost, as well as having a humanure pile from the composting toilet in one of the cabins. When emptying the kitchen waste bucket yesterday, it struck me that whereas the vegetable compost bin is always full of fruit flies and other nauseous critters, the humanure bin is completely devoid of smell or flies.

Regarding the leaked draft of the Labout manifesto - I often wonder how many people actually read party manifestos. I had a look at the leaked one and have to say that there's nothing there that I find particularly objectional, with the possible exception of hitting only those earning over £80k (it could be more generally distributed) and forcing public contracts to be awarded only to unionised labour, which is surely discriminatory. Party allegiances tend to be, for a lot of people, an issue of tribalism rather than whether they espouse the policies.

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