Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Asking a politician how a certain manifesto pledge is going to be funded is the easiest shot from an interviewer, and the one you'd think for which each and every politician standing for election would have a crib sheet available. However, amazingly, it's the one question politicians of all sides trip up on. The Conservatives dodge the question completely by not providing any costings.

It also annoys me no end that rather than telling the listener what their party will do, politicians immediately rip into the policies of other parties. The first rule of sales is not to slag off the opposition, but highlight the benefits of your own product. The media will find the chinks in the armour ot the other parties.

As for Mrs May banging on about her being best to lead the negotiations with the EU, I don't believe for a minute she (or Corbyn) will even be near the negotiating room - it'll be left to trade negotiation experts who understand these things. If it isn't, then God help us.

Trump is getting even more annoying by the day. Someone once said that any endeavour that has self-glorification as its end point is bound to end in disaster - nothing can demonstrate this as succinctly than that strutting, orange peacock, Trump,

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  1. I really think that Mrs May is unstable to such a degree that she flounders around from hour to hour, making statements without any firm thought or conviction and is probably one of the least able politicians to have served as a PM.