Thursday, 18 May 2017

Cat Flap Conundrum

Trump maintains no President has ever been treated as unfairly as him. What about the ones who were assassinated? Methinks the Orange One doth protest too much - it's all self-inflicted. Make a complete tit of yourself in public and that's the result.

For some reason, the electronic cat flap is requiring new batteries every couple of weeks - the normal interval should be about 4 to 6 months. No amount of cleaning of terminals seems to cure the problem.

The reason we have an electronic one is because our neighbour's two cats, Blackberry and Orange (names have been changed to protect the innocent) keep coming into the house and eating Kitty's food, added to which, Kitty is a rather grumpy female and doesn't appreciate the intrusion by two rather mischievous and dopey male cats. That said, they often dart in whenever we have occasion to open the door, and we're cool with that - Kitty, obviously, is not.

Blackberry (or Blackie for short) often stays overnight - unbeknownst to us, until we feel him jumping on the bed in the small hours. He's such a lovely animal that we don't have the heart to chuck him out - and the neigbours are cool with that too. Both Blackie and Orange are ex farm cats, and as such, consider any open house part of their territory.

Blackie is conversant with the purpose of the cat flap, doesn't even bother to attempt getting through it anymore and is content to sneak in whenever we open the backdoor. Orange, on the other hand, is a bit thick and constantly paws at it and meows loudly to be admitted, despite access being barred. Orange has obviously never heard of Pavlov.

We're considering just leaving the cat flap permanently unlocked. Blackie has been suitably trained and won't even attempt to get in (well, not for a while), but Orange will barge in anyway.

It's all a bit pointless, as during the summer we have both sets of French doors open all day anyway and it's open house.

Stop-press - came down this morning to find Orange sitting at the bottom of the stairs.


  1. The way to keep small cats away is to get some Lion or Tiger poo from the zoo and spread it around the place.

    1. They're all adult - and I'd have to desensitize Kitty to tiger poo.

      We have a fox that regularly traverses the garden and the cats do like to roll in the fox poo.

  2. A dog would do. Even a small one ;)