Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Boomerang Man Cave

When we visited Barrington Court on Sunday, we bought some tomes at the 2nd hand book depository they have there. I got a few cookery books and Hay found one written in the '80s on stately homes called 'The Last Country Houses'. Leafing through Hay's book I came across this wonderful, ready-made plan for a garage:

Yes, it comes complete with an annex for the chauffeur. We're going to have to start saving again...

This story about Chanel, the expensive boomerang and the 'appropriation of indigenous culture'. How the hell do people think culture spread in the fist place, if not by appropriation? There's a good side to this though - might see all these daft dream-catcher things disappear. I wonder what the implications will be for the Devon Cream Tea served outside Devon, the high fashion Roman sandal or all those Regency buildings based on Greek designs...

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