Monday, 21 August 2017

19th Century Flood Plain Runner

Spotted this advert for a new housing estate in Dorset in the Sunday Times yesterday. What with the floods in Somerset every year and climate change causing water havoc all over the country every winter, I'm not so sure I'd want to live anywhere near a lake.

Hope the buyers have good insurance.

Was absentmindedly listening to Radio 4 after buying the Sunday paper and it was some church service. It struck me that not only are hymns stuck in the 19th century, but a large proportion of our culture is too. Law court attire, the church, ceremonial military attire, the 1966 World Cup, etc. We're more obsessed than most countries with our past.

Standing in the queue at Lidl, I suddenly realised I'd bought a pack of puff pastry and a pack of shortcrust, when I wanted two packets of puff. This prompted me to think supermarkets could offer a useful service at checkouts - a runner to go and get the thing you forgot, or the thing you spot in the trolley of the person in front and realise you could do with yourself.

With A level results in, a lot of students will now be going on their gap year - or as Hayley calls it, their lazy shite year. I have to agree.


  1. I am surprised at your laziness, for it is quite easy to make your own puff pastry.

    1. Yes, you're correct, Mel. But I had to mow the entire field yesterday to give the areas we left wild a cut. Took virtually all day, and I'm still not finished.

      No.2 Son was meant to make it, but 'forgot', and so it was a last minute decision.

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