Saturday, 12 August 2017

Event Planning in Aberdeen

I've been taking daily electricity generation and consumption readings for 5 years now and I was thinking of generating a chart showing the average generation per day over those 5 years. That would show the historical chances of it being sunny on any particular day, which data I could make available to people in the area wanting to plan outdoor events.

Went to Aberdeen for a business meeting on Wednesday. Overheard in the taxi:

Colleague: "Aberdeen is rather grey with all the granite, isn't it?"

Taxi Driver: "It's a bit brighter on the outskirts."

Chairman: "Yes, I noticed - concrete - it's a slightly lighter shade of grey."


  1. I spend a lot of time in Aberdeen and on a wet day when the granite is much darker it can be somewhat gloomy. Stirling is similar. I have great difficulty with the Aberdonian accent, I find it hard to follow. The other accent that I struggle with is that of west Cork in Ireland.

  2. I recommend "The Yardarm" if still there on the dockside