Tuesday, 8 August 2017

On the News

4th most popular item on the BBC news website yesterday - Pratt and Faris to separate after 8 years. Now I think of myself as being someone who is relatively aware of world topics, but the names Pratt and Faris must have escaped my attention, as I have no idea who on earth these people are, or why their separation is something I should be interested in, less concerned about.

Mind you, they were knocked out of the running by news of Abramovich and his Mrs splitting (seems more a self-fulfilling prophesy for billionaires). Am I correct in thinking the divorce laws in Russia are such that the bloke has to give half his fortune to Putin?

Then there's Tesco selling designer bags with their logo on them for 10p.

There was also an item saying that under new data protection laws we have the right to forget. That will come as a relief to many pensioners, myself included.

Am I alone in thinking that Trump, like Maggie Thatcher and the Falklands, needs a war to create a distraction?

Elsewhere, Corbyn has cycled back from Albania and is 'offering hope'. Not if he maintains his stance on Brexit he's not!

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  1. Pratt is an autological name in his case, apparently he's into "God" and hunting.