Friday, 18 August 2017

A Level Statues

Overheard at the Lidl checkout:

Customer talking to his wife, behind The Chairman: "It's getting to the stage where he can't be left on his own."

Chairman (turns round): "Have you been talking to my wife?"

What with all this Robert E Lee statue removal, perhaps we need to ensure the bust of William the Bastard, the usurper and persecutor of Saxons,which was commissioned to commemorate the Battle of Hastings, is never given a place of prominence. While we're at it, the statue of Canute at Winchester needs taking down - bloody foreigner, imposing his pan-Scandinavian empire on us.

Revisionism is a mistake - our history and its artefacts give us chance to look back and contemplate how we got here - the good, the bad and the ugly - how we learned from our mistakes. You can't just whitewash inconvenient or embarrassing history. Just look at how the Nazi concentration camps have been preserved as a very pertinent reminder of folly.

No.1 Son got his 4 A level results yesterday and have managed to get into his first choice university to study economics, although he's considering swapping to maths. One down, one to go. In 2 years we'll be FREE!


  1. Congratulations to No. 1 son. No you won't be free: there will be money to find to support them at university, taxiing to and fro for weekends at home, taxiing at term beginnings and endings, moving belongings home and back again for the summer holidays, storage of said belongingsfinance for a well earned end of uni break travelling the world, washing and ironing during weekends at home, stocking them up with food when you return them to uni after the weekend at home. No, you will be busy and it will be expensive :-)

    1. Roger - you jest! He's on his own now. He's 19 and I'd left home and was married at 20.

  2. You must tell me how you do it: my daughter is 37 and married since she was 22 but she still costs me money. My son seems to cost me much less but he is getting married in the spring so I guess I won't get out of that Scott free.