Saturday, 5 August 2017

Tea for Mrs Chairman in Flashback

Overheard from Hay who is upstairs in bed and has just woken up:

Hay: "How about a cup of tea?"

Chairman: "OK."

The Chairman goes and boils a kettle and returns to his computer to do some work before 7am, promptly forgetting about the tea, as usual.

5 minutes later:

Hay: "I guess the tea is stewed to death!"

The Chairman goes over to the kitchen to inspect, feeling guilty.

Chairman: "No - I not only forgot about the tea, but I also forgot to put the teabag in the cup in the first place, so it's OK!"

Why are drama writers these days fixated on telling a story in a series of flashbacks? What's so incredibly boring about telling a story sequentially and logically? The minute I see the subtitle; "36 hours earlier," or; "4 days earlier," I just lose interest.

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