Thursday, 19 October 2017

Dark Overdraft Materials

Overheard in the kitchen:

Hay: "Oh, according to their magazine, Waitrose are doing half bottles of wine. The worrying thing is they're calling them mid-week bottles."

Chairman: "Have they got anything called a breakfast bottle?"

No.2 Son inadvertently managed to go a few quid overdrawn on his bank account. I pointed out to him that this will incurr a fee, as it was unauthorised. He asked me how much that would be and I answered that I didn't have a clue, as it's more than 30 years since I was last overdrawn at the bank, and that's the honest truth.

I hear Philip Pullman has released a sequel to the excellent 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, but who is the he of 'His'?

Grape jelly was a success and the test jar set quite nicely. The problem was we didn't have enough empty glass jars for about a litre and a half of jelly; they all went to the charity shop last week. Plastic containers had to do.

Will be delicious on cheese.

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