Friday, 13 October 2017

Dyslexic Cat Mirrors

Hay's new kitchen island is causing problems. Because it takes up a sizeable area of the kitchen, the various cats in the house occasionally go round a corner of it and run, unexpectedly, into another cat. With the black and ginger cats this is not an issue - they are brothers; however, when it comes to Kitty, it's a different matter and a fight is called for, with fur flying and cat screams.

We need cat mirrors at each corner so the cats get advance warning of Kitty being just round the corner. 

A new dyslexia centre has been opened in Bristol, according to our local news. You'd think there would be a simpler word for the condition - how the hell is a dyslexic person meant to find the centre if they can't read such a complex word? Non-dyslexics can even have a problem with it, for God's sake.

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