Friday, 27 October 2017

Log Jams

The other day I participated in a YouGov poll about train delays, the question being how long a delay is acceptable on a one hour train journey. I don't use trains a lot, but I hope it's not a poll paid for by a train operatoion company and a harbinger of things to come.

On Wednesday we had a walk into Yate and noticed that one of a couple of iconic trees was being taken down. I'm uncertain of the reason, but think it might have been to do with some nearby power cables. It seemed such a shame.

They have stood at the entrance to what is known as The Ridge for well over 100 years.

Pumpkin season on the shops now - 79p for a whopper in Lidl. The overwhelming number of them end up being carved and then thrown away, which is a sin in my book. I bought a huge one which will be used to make oodles of pumpkin soup for my skinny days.

I wonder if I should complain to the Press Complaints Commission about the Daily Mail. If kid were to read it, he or she could be led into believing it's quite acceptable to tell lies...


  1. I see that the health and safety brigade have been out with their plastic fencing and cones. It is a shame about the tree. For me I would have had them move the power cables if that was the reason on the basis that the power cables are temporary compared with the tree. The tree was there first and in another 100 years the cables will be gone.

    1. My thought exactly. There were 3 people doing the work and a cast of a couple of dozen. It surprises me they got permission, unless the tree was diseased.