Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Watery Cheshire Fascist Lending

Hay subjected me to a catch up episode of Country File last night. Saw something that surprised me; a farmer who had grown some cereal crop was wanting to test it for water content and I thought that he'd perhaps weigh a certain volume of it and do a comparison with crops from other years, but no, he used a moisture meter which looked as if it cost a small packet.

Also watched a programme where a family lives through the early 20th century. They'd got as far as the 30s and there was a bit about Oswald Moseley and his British Union of Fascists. Giles Coren was talking to the family and called the BUF a bunch of thugs led by a posh twerp. Sounded remarkably like Ukip before Farage resigned.

It's a pity that fascists forced so many Jews to flee to Israel. Israel has benefited and Europe has become poorer, both intellectually and creatively.

Discovered that Cheshire is a  county palatinate, along with Lancashire and Durham. Chester had its own parliament, consisting of barons of the county, and was not represented in Parliament until 1543, while Durham did not gain parliamentary representation until 1654, and the bishops of Durham retained their temporal jurisdiction until 1836. Incredible.

There was an item on the news last night about the company Bright House, which has been fined for irresponsible lending. While I agree companies selling stuff on credit need to check whether their customers are creditworthy (it makes sound business sense), surely there's such a thing as irresponsible borrowing? One woman who couldn't afford the payments said that credit was the only way she could afford big-ticket items - well my response would be that perhaps she shouldn't be wanting big ticket items and should focus more on essentials.

Another day of promo filming in the house yesterday. Can't wait to see the result, which should be in a couple of weeks time.

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