Sunday, 8 October 2017

Over-Conspicuous Consumption

Ref my post last Wednesday about the trade-off in mate selection. Hay reminded me that mate selection can be based on something else, as it was in her case - pity, altruism and the feeling you have for a wounded animal...

We went to Plas Newydd yesterday yesterday - the site of my old school. It's a National Trust property now, so we thought we'd renew our membership, which recently lapses, and take in Penrhyn Caste in the afternoon. Well worth a visit. A 19th century exhibition of over-conspicuous consumption. The Lords Penrhyn had an income of £65k from the estate, plus another £1.5m from the family slate quarry - and that was in the 1800s. They weren't exactly a forward looking family with respect to industrial relations and a 3 year lockout at the slate quarry in the early 1900s still leaves a sour taste in the area.

Here are a few snaps:

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