Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Cornish Tea Plantations

Overheard while watching a local news item about the Somerset NudeFest:

Hay: "Isn't it funny how you never see fit young people being nudists - they're always saggy, baggy pensioners."

Chairman: "Perhaps it's about time we joined then."

So, if we win against Croatia today, we face France - our oldest enemy. I thought the EU was designed to avoid this kind of thing...

Yesterday we called in at a tea shop and I spotted this on the teapot:

Around the rim was the legend; "TEA GROWN IN ENGLAND." Naturally my interest was piqued and I looked it up - and yes - tea is actually grown on the Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall and, believe it or not, Scotland. I guess it's eminently feasible given tea is a member of the camellia family and camellias grow well here. Makes you wonder why we spent all that money going to China for the stuff and then transplanting it to India. Poldark could have made a killing by growing tea, rather than scratching a loving looking for tin.

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