Friday, 6 July 2018

Social Media Addiction @ Wimbers

I hear several areas have been cordoned off in the hunt for the source of the Novichok poison; Charley Rowley's flat, a Baptist church and a local outlet of Boots. I didn't know you could get Novichok at Boots these days. It's amazing how quickly they can get stuff into the shops these days.

We were watching a Panorama programme the other evening about social media addiction. Facebook apparently 'puts its customers first' when it comes to tackling social media addiction. A customer is someone who pays to buy or use a product or service. I pay nothing to use Facebook - I'm a user. Advertisers pay to advertise on Facebook - they're customers. Worth thinking about.

Hay's taking me to a gig in Iron Acton this evening - Mash in the Meadows. Can't say I'm looking forward to it; 2 bands and a Queen tribute act. It's advertised as Rock, Hip Hop, Blues, Country, SKA and Jazz. Rock, blues and jazz I'm fine with, but hip-hop, country and ska I can give a big miss. I'm not generally in favour of tribute bands, although there are a few notable exceptions - but Queen? Can't honestly say they were ever my cup not of tea. Talented certainly, just not my kind of music.

Just looked up the acts on YouTube - the Queen tribute act is hideous, the singer is not that good and their set is very camp. Hope they're on last and we can leave early.

Watched a bit of Wimbledon yesterday - it's just not the same as when Connors, Nastase, McEnroe, Borg, etc. were playing. These days they're such sports and so very earnest. One might be forgiven for thinking they take the game seriously...

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