Sunday, 1 July 2018

Sanctimonious CO2

National Trust property gift shops seem to have cornered the market in carbolic soap. Probably something to do with the old systems of service and the hordes of servants engaged in cleaning ancestral homes. They do seem to want to charge an arm and a leg for the stuff, despite is once being the cheapest form of soap you could get.

Carbolic made one smell holier-than-thou and almost sanctimonious, yet you wouldn't catch any self-respecting nob near the stuff. Aye, we were poor, but we were clean...

This national shortage of CO2 seems to be showing we rely on the damned stuff more than we realise, but why? Many of the industries complaining about the shortage could surely use compressed air rather than CO2. No wonder there's so much of the stuff getting into the atmosphere.

1 comment:

  1. CAR BOLIC soap that stuff was great for removing hard skin, in fact it was so effective that thousands
    had visit Dr,s and hospitals because they had no skin left on their hands.
    The last four letters of its name says everything about it...