Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Grim Reaper

Managed to find myself a scythe over the weekend for £15 on Facebook Market. It has a curved, metal snath (or handle) and is somewhat rusty, but I'm sure that a little TLC will bring it up looking fine. Will have to get some phosphoric acid (Jenolite or similar) to neutralise the rust before applying some paint.

Collected it from Weston-Super-Mare yesterday from a bloke who said it had belonged to his grandfather and he'd brought it down to the South West when he moved here from Congleton in Cheshire. At least it's in the hands of a decent northern lad now.

I released all the seized bolts with some easing oil and brute force; luckily nothing snapped, although I had to grind the clamp off. It takes an edge very well, although it needed adjustment for the correct height. While the blade is very short, it seems capable of doing the job, but I decided to put my long blade on it anyway so as to get a much longer sweep and hence a greater cutting length, which is needed with tougher, hay-like grass.

Now just for an exhaust clamp or two to lock the blade into position, a coat of paint - probably Hammerite for the snath and a coat of bituminous paint along the blade rib - and I'm ready to go. I'd like a wooden snath, but needs must. I can always keep an eye out on eBay.

Once the cutting season is over, it will be a very nice decoration on one of the oak beams in the house till next year.

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