Sunday, 8 July 2018

Toothbrush Team Spirit

Could Gareth Southgate be in line for a knighthood if England win the World Cup? It happened with Clive Woodward for the Rugby World Cup. Fingers crossed.

How about this for a idea - you play for the country in which the club team you play for is. You may be Egyptian, but if you play for Liverpool, then you can only play for England. I wonder what new dynamics that would bring into the game?

Any blokes out there actually use an electric toothbrush? I bought one several months ago thinking I'd give it a try. Lasted about half a week and then never used it again - it just takes so bloody long, what with a tiny head that doesn't even cover one tooth adequately. With an ordinary, manumatic brush you clean a vast swathe of teeth with just one swipe - several swipes and you're done. I'll bet it's mainly women who use these inefficient devices.

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