Monday, 2 July 2018

Helmet Shavers

Overheard while discussing the weather:

Hay: "The longer it's dry, the more likely it'll stay dry."

Chairman: "Until it rains."

Hay: "well, yes. I mean going forward."

Chairman: "As opposed to going backwards.....?"


I'm wondering if I can start a new fashion - horse riding hats for Rollerblading...

For the more style-conscious Rollerblader.... Perhaps not...

Men's shaving razors are becoming the new gin - a standard product that someone decides to make an up-market version of and adds a huge margin to. I keep seeing adverts on Facebook for exorbitantly priced razors that are delivered by post. One of the daftest ideas I've seen in 2018. What's wrong with disposable BIC razors where you get 10 for a quid? They're recyclable too. What with beards becoming de rigueur among fashionable men these days, perhaps it's not such a good time to be marketing razors.

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