Monday, 16 July 2012

And They Say the BBC Isn't Dumbed Down

I was watching a program on BBC4 last night about the Civil War. I've never seem or heard so much rot and misinformation.

Two of the commentators were those eminent historians, Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen and Clarissa Dickson-Wright. Give me strength!

In one scene they showed the New Model Army cavalry charging while the voice-over was talking about the Cavalier thunderbolt charge at the Battle of Edge Hill. OK, for a start the New Model Army didn't even exist  in 1642 and they showed the wrong side charging. It just went from bad to worse.

It was announced today that there will be a £9bn electrification of certain railway lines. Fares will have to go up to pay for it - the same is happening to the National Grid.

I remember a time when improvements came out of past profits that had been saved up - it was called investment. These days it seems that profits go into the shareholders' pockets (or are squandered elsewhere if government owned) and investment comes from higher service or product costs.

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